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Learn Henna With Vijeshri

Turn Your Passion Into Profession

I, Vijeshri Mistri – founder of MissArtistico am based in Greater Toronto and have extensive experience of 10+ years in Henna Industry. Now it’s my time to share my skills and knowledge to like-minded.

I am delighted to announce my first-ever online Henna Classes. The customized 1-1 online classes designed to focus on the enhancement of your skills at a comfortable pace.

This course will enable you carving drawings, styling techniques, fabricating designs, composing cones, and fine-tuning henna designs. We have courses designed to cater beginners to experts.

My aim is to deliver ideal tricks and techniques to blooming passionate henna artists through online classes.

Fundamental Henna Course

A beginner’s course for aspiring henna artists or budding artists who want to develop their henna skills either as a hobby or career perspective.

Course Outline

  • • Basics of lines, elements, and finishing
    • Simple fillings and grids
    • Basic flowers
    • Basic shapes and patches
    • Mandala demonstration
    • Simple design demonstration
    • Q & A Session

Designer Henna Course

For all budding artists with the fundamental knowledge who want to enhance their existing henna skills to be more creative and innovative with their designs.

Course Outline

  • • Creative flowers
    • Advanced fillings and grids
    • Designer elements, birds and bells
    • Creative belts and finger designs
    • Reverse / Negative fills
    • Designer henna demonstration
    • Q & A Session

Bridal Pro Henna Course

Be a professional expert in bridal henna by learning perfect techniques and motifs.

Course Outline

  • • Basics of bridal henna
    • Bride (Side face and 3/4 face)
    • Groom (Side face and 3/4 face)
    • Advanced Birds and animals motifs
    • Bridal henna demonstration and Guidelines
    o Guidelines on how to do bridal henna
    o How to mirror the image
    • Q & A Session

Henna Master Class

Master class is a comprehensive package for those who want to become proficient and begin their journey a professional henna artist

Course Outline
    • Fundamental course
    • Designer Course
    • Bridal Pro Course

Special Figure Course

This is our special course that offers various types of figures that you can learn individually to be more creative with your customized henna designs.

We offer classes for following figures:

  • • Bride and Groom
    • Bridal motifs
    • Baby shower
    • Skylines
    • Animals and birds
    • Any customized Motif

Are you ready to be an expert in the Henna profession?

Are you ready to be an expert in the Henna profession? You can evolve your henna designing skills, discover & enhance your ideas for new motifs to be the artist you idealized. Yes, this can turn into a reality with my Henna classes. Let's transform your passion into a profession.

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    Work Samples

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    With Missartistico you will get :

    • An in-depth explanation of design detailing. 
    • Specially curated downloadable handbooks
    •  Confidence to create your signature style (All packages are inclusive of Traditional and modern henna styles)
    •  Additional interactive 1hour Q & A session after completion of each course.
    • Assessment and feedback of your class and home assignment for improvement.
    Missartistico will help you to level up your henna skills.


    • Henna Cone

    • Acrylic henna hand or sheet or a Simple white paper

    • Classes will be held through Zoom.app or Google Duo. We will send you a link through email before each session.

    For Whom?

    Anybody interested in learning the art of henna, to develop the skill as a hobby or grow professionally as a henna artist.

    Terms & Conditions

    • Fees for class/package need to be paid fully in advance.
    • The payment made in advance for classes will be non-refundable post-registration.
    • Any reschedule request must be made 24 hours before the class time to avoid charges of the unattended time. This rescheduling will be done at the discretion of the instructor.
    • Pictures & Videos captured during classes will be used for advertisement.