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Bridal Henna Services

A wedding is incomplete without Henna. As every bride is unique, she wants the best for her special day. She wishes to have an unforgettable experience with henna efficiently done and beautifully crafted designs.

We at MissArtistico understand your needs, and we try and bring you the best experience for your big day. MissArtistico specially provides pre-bridal consultation to each bride beforehand to ensure that every bride gets her personalized henna.

To make this memorable, we have specially curated packages to provide you with an unforgettable experience on your wedding day.

Price List ( By Length)

We also now offer bridal packages by length to fit your budget, occasion, and most importantly the style. It allows not only to choose your desired length but also the style. We will work out the most to give you the best experience and comfort.

Create a customized Bridal Henna package.

You can choose your desired lengths from each picture below for both hands and feet and then add the cost together.

Price List ( By Package)

We work closely with each client to understand their vision, providing the design that assists in helping them feel special the most for their wedding. We include all types of the package so that the bride can choose as per the comfort.

Bronze – Style Gloves

Starts From


These designs are very intricate and give the best look for a modern bride. It looks unique and creates the illusion that you are wearing gloves. Very diverse and modern designs are available for this package. Arabic, Floral, and Bracelet designs are some of the trendiest designs.

• Up to wrist wrists on both sides of hands

• Half feet with Simple Bale design or mandala

• 1.5-2 hours

Images are for reference purpose only.

Silver – Tres Chic

Starts From


Love unique designs but do not like your hands filled with design? Do not fuss. Tres chic is one of the inimitable and easy designs for any occasion. It covers only 1/4th of the forearm and classy and Designer feet henna. The best benefit of this package is it goes well with both traditional and modern designs and is the best fit to seize the attention. So, go ahead and get all artistic and keep your design game strong!!

• 1/4 of Forearm on both sides of hands

• Classy Designer Henna on Top of Feet ( More than simple)

• 2-3.5 hours

Images are for reference purpose only.

Gold – Miss Marvellous

Starts From


The name itself suggests that it is meant to be pleasing. Brides who prefer to be causing wonders with a moderate look are meant to be Miss Marvellous. The design is carved out until ½ of the forearm and up to the ankle length of the legs. Style is very popular with the younger generation as it is quick and minimally time-consuming. A design like an Arabic design, Floral Mehendi, and mandala design with a broad belt is the preferred option in this package.

• 1/2 of Forearm on both sides of hands

• Up to Ankle

• 3-4 hours


Images are for reference purpose only.

Platinum – Diva Touch

Starts From


Diva Touch is for one who wants to be a leading lady but doesn’t want to overdo it. The beautiful design is carved close to the elbow and 1/4 of the lower legs. It gives brides a flawless modest look on their wedding day. It nearly takes 4-5 hours to apply and is the most preferred and convenient package for the brides. Styles like Traditional Indian and Arabic are popular amongst the brides.

• 3/4 of Forearm (Close To Elbow”) on both sides of hands

• 2″ above the ankle For the Feet

• 4-5.5 hours

20201122_100754 (1)

Images are for reference purpose only.

Pearl – Uptown Princess

Starts From


Elegant and swagger are two perfect words to describe this style—the girl who believes in carrying it like a royal full of class and elegance. Starting from the elbow for both hands from top to bottom and 1/2th of the leg, this design is suitable for weddings, engagements, and sangeets and takes up to 6-7 hours to beautify it. Styles like Traditional Indian, Arabic, and Rajasthani are some of the favorite styles preferred by our princesses.

• Up to Elbow on both sides of hands

• 4″ Above the ankle

• 6-7 hours


Images are for reference purpose only.

Diamond Package – Show Stopper

Starts From


Who doesn’t want all attention on her Big Day? Here you go, girl; Show-Stopper is for you who wants to do it all and grab the highlight. The length of this package is for girls who like full hand and leg coverage. It starts from beyond the elbow and goes to the fingertips of your hand and close to the knees. Styles like Arabic and Traditional Indian designs with minute details are considered best for this package. It is most suitable for weddings and takes around 7-9 hours to beautify. Be a Showstopper today.

• Beyond Elbow on both sides of hands

• 6″ above the ankle

• 7-9 hours


Images are for reference purpose only.

Chooda Style - Punjabi Swagger

Price: According to Design Length and intricacy

The special Punjabi style henna for our Punjabi girls to swag on. This style is specially done to accommodate your beautiful chooda in your hands leaving that space empty for you to fit the bangles/kaleere. The traditional intricate design follows with beautiful floral, laces and Rajasthani design till wrist and leaving a gap and then again a band like design till your mid-forearm. Slay your style!!!

Edited-20201023_161951 (1)

Images are for reference purpose only.

Booking and Consultation

We put immense efforts to make your henna experience as special as your wedding. To help you feel relieved and rejuvenated please make sure to make a prior appointment for deciding upon the design and the day of the application to avoid any kind of disengagement during the application.
The above prices are for your indicative and changes may apply in case of intricacy, coverage, and customization of designs. To get the exact rates for your package kindly schedule a pre-bridal consultation to discuss designs and tailor the package as per your choice.

A deposit of 25%, of the total package price, has to be paid to confirm your booking.


Kindly note extra charges are incurred depending on distance and travel time to provide service at your location. We are good to travel domestically and internationally depending upon your requirements.

Any charges for travel and/or accommodation outside of the GTA area will be as per actual charges OR Client/Host will arrange for the travel and/or accommodation. Travel charges will include to and from charges from Mississauga to the client’s/host’s destination.

For a Destination Wedding, the client/host will arrange for accommodation and travel of artist(s).

The ultimate guide to planning your wedding henna.

Need A Consultation?

Bridal Henna LookBook

Special Bridal Henna Tips

Henna should be applied 2-3 days in advance before the actual event or occasion to get the best result or darker stain because natural henna takes 24 to 48 hours to get an actual dark stain

  • Finish your salon schedule (Manicure Pedicure, waxing/sugaring/hair removal treatment or shaving ) before applying henna. Doing this after your henna will fade the henna stain.
  •  Avoid applying any kind of oil, body cream or lotion before applying henna (on the day of the henna appointment.). Keep your skin clean, oil-free and dry to get the best result.
  • It is advised to keep your henna untouched with water or any liquid substance such as water, soap, any kind of lotion and hand sanitizer for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Stains will bloom in orange color first and then it will further get darken in wine red and further to dark cherry tones.

Post Henna Application Care

  • The best stain arrives post 24 hours of henna application.
  • Paste should be naturally air-dried for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours.
  • Lemon sugar juice is advised to apply to dried henna. Also, alternatively, you can apply Vicks vaporub on dried henna.
  • Scrap off your henna using fingertips or butter knife. Never use WATER or SOAP.
  • You can apply any natural oil or coconut oil to moisturize the henna area.
  • The stain is different on every person and highly depends on the skin tone, weather and body temperature of the person.
  • Chemical product usage may fade the stain faster.
  • Henna stains stay for a minimum of two to three weeks.