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Vijeshri Mistri

About The Artist

They say to be a creator you need to be creative. Vijeshri Mistri, a born gifted artist whose passion for Henna developed at such a young age. She knew she had a creative side in her teenage. This led her to chase her dream which is now called by the name MissArtistico.

MissArtistico is founded by Vijeshri to pursue her passion and dedication in doing Henna. She has been awarded many prizes during early career life. A self-taught designer henna artist has been tracing intricate henna designs for over 10 years. Apart from being a Henna Artist, she is a Graphic Designer by profession.

Based at Greater Toronto Area she is one of the preferred artists of the Town with extensive experience of 10 years. She uses only natural ingredients in her henna cones to get the darkest stain. Sitting cross-legged for five to nine hours, by gently squeezing the tip of a henna cone, she creates intricate freehand henna designs. While sketching the designs she takes care of every small detail in the design and gives the perfect look. Definitely, it is a task that involves precision and patience.

Why Work with Missartistico?

Henna was the first thing that opened up her artistic side at such a young age. As a hobby, she started doing henna for friends & families. Practicing over for the years, now she is a professional henna artist (Mehndi Artist) in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and surroundings. With growing years, she has established an image of a creative and reputed henna artist of Canada.
She portrays henna for various occasions like Weddings, Parties, Ritual events, Cultural festivals, etc. Being a nature lover, she always prefers using 100% chemical-free, organic, and freshly made Henna cones only. Over the years she has gained the expertise to draw a detailed intricate design to make your experience special and relaxing.

Be it a Bridal Mehndi or Henna party she portrays her design so well, leaving you mesmerized for the occasion. She believes that there is no age to learn anything new. She continuously makes efforts to provide you with current trends and always ensures customer satisfaction. Recently, she has upgraded herself by starting DRAWING PORTRAITS USING HENNA CONES.

5 star Google, Facebook, Wedding Wire, and Gigsalad verified reviews.

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Clients feedback

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Vijeshri recently did my henna for my engagement ceremony. It was a crazy long day for her but her spirits were up and she did such a wonderful job on my henna designs. The stains came out very beautifully. Everyone loved the designs.Saranya Karthikeyan
"Vijeshri is extremely talented henna artist.She is very friendly, always smiling and makes you feel comfortable.She will create the design exactly how you want and if you are unsure, she can also come up with her own beautiful henna ideas."KRISHNA PARMAR
"I came to Vijeshri for a wedding I was attending. I chose a design I liked and Vijeshri made it into the most beautiful intricate detailed design!  I wish It could have stayed on forever, everyone was so impressed with my Henna and asked who did it. I would refer Miss Artistico to anyone looking for henna, not only is she incredibly talented, she is absolutely sweet and kind and this experience I will never forget. Thank you for being a beautiful human being and sharing your talent with the world! Many thanks & love!"Amanda G