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Vijeshri Mistri

They say to be a creator; you need to be creative. Vijeshri Mistri is a born, gifted artist whose passion for Henna developed at a young age. She knew she had a creative side in her teenage. This led her to chase her dream, which is now called MissArtistico.

Vijeshri is a professional henna artist in Canada, offering a vast range of services to people of all religions, castes, communities, and ages. She has been creating designs for over 21 years. What started as swirls and patterns on the palms, slowly turned into a passion. Now, she carves wonderful designs that bring you back to her for more.  

Vijeshri is a top henna artist in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and provides services all over the GTA, such as Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Scarborough, Hamilton, and Oakville, and one of the most sought-after names when people start looking for innovative and unique henna patterns. Whether traditional or contemporary, Modern, Indian, or Arabic, her designs smoothly conform to the clients’ needs. Specializing in bridal henna, henna for events or parties (corporate events, birthday parties, baby showers, bridal henna, ladies get together, and more), and special appointment henna services, she also offers destination wedding services and portrait henna design services. The best thing about her henna designs is that they are one-of-a-kind. While sketching the designs, she takes care of every detail and gives a perfect look. It is a task that involves precision and patience.

Few Words from Vijeshri

Drawing has always been one of my favorite pastimes. This led me to paint henna designs for friends and family members. My graphic designer’s profession is also an outcome of my love for painting. As a child, I had a separate cupboard for drawing books, exercise books, and materials. During my growing years, my interest in drawing and painting diversified into various channels. Henna was one of those channels. Henna artistry became all the more appealing to me when my close ones started showering appreciation for my craft and when I began winning henna artist GTA competitions. There was no looking back after that. 


For me, the safety of my clients is of the utmost importance. Therefore, I use 100% natural powder and oil to bring forth prominent designs that have dark stains and stay for a very long time. 

As a professional henna artist in Mississauga, I meet nice and lovely people whenever I have a henna project. Trust me, I love meeting and interacting with new people and sharing the magical nature of this wonderful art form. I want to use this platform to thank all those people who support me with their kind words and admire my work.

Why Work with MissArtistico?

  • We choose completely natural ingredients for the henna and so our products are totally safe and do not harm your skin. 
  • As a henna artist, Vijeshri offers services both at your preferred location and at her studio.
  • We have years of experience in this field
  • Our designs are customized 
  • Portrait henna is one of our specialties

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Clients feedback

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Vijeshri recently did my henna for my engagement ceremony. It was a crazy long day for her but her spirits were up and she did such a wonderful job on my henna designs. The stains came out very beautifully. Everyone loved the designs.Saranya Karthikeyan
"Vijeshri is extremely talented henna artist.She is very friendly, always smiling and makes you feel comfortable.She will create the design exactly how you want and if you are unsure, she can also come up with her own beautiful henna ideas."KRISHNA PARMAR
"I came to Vijeshri for a wedding I was attending. I chose a design I liked and Vijeshri made it into the most beautiful intricate detailed design!  I wish It could have stayed on forever, everyone was so impressed with my Henna and asked who did it. I would refer Miss Artistico to anyone looking for henna, not only is she incredibly talented, she is absolutely sweet and kind and this experience I will never forget. Thank you for being a beautiful human being and sharing your talent with the world! Many thanks & love!"Amanda G